Changing What I Can

Changing What I Can

Changing What I Can –

There still seems to be a lot of stressed out people in the world. Anxiousness and anxiety go hand in hand with world conditions – and holidays.  Holiday expectations can take a life already on the edge and push it even closer to the breaking point.  Expecting things to go a certain way, or for people to behave a certain way, or for ourselves to be able to act a certain way when we don’t have the resources or the energy, can be overwhelming.

We need to look at this whole situation from a really realistic perspective.  The Serenity Prayer can help a lot.
God Grant Me The Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change –
The Courage To Change The Things I Can –
And The Wisdom To Know The Difference.

I can’t change other people’s expectations of me.  I can’t change the clearing that Mother Earth is doing to rid herself of negativity in the form of the weather (although we have, as a group, minimized disastrous outcomes more than once).  I can’t change other people’s behavior.  I can’t change the way the rules are in place today.  I can’t change the fact that the rent is due, the car needs gas and something needs to be planned for dinner.  I can’t change the fact that I am sneezing or coughing or that my back hurts in this moment.  I can’t change the fact that you don’t like me. Not everybody is going to like me.

What I can change is my attitude – about everything.  I can allow everyone to be just as they are, and not react to it.  I can allow everyone their opinions.  They have a right to them.  I can go easier on myself and find something positive to do.  I can see a doctor, or put a heating pad on my back, or take some cold medicine and go to bed.  I can meditate and picture myself whole and healthy and restored.   I can always ask for God’s guidance and my Angels to walk with me.  I can make decisions from a calm centered place rather than an anxious fearful place.  I can stop and do some deep breathing when I start to feel overwhelmed.  I can remind myself at all times that I am on a wondrous journey of discovery about life, and I can see what I am to discover about myself today.  I can ask myself ‘how important is it – really?”  I can live in the moment and find whatever is enjoyable about this moment.

I can realize and accept the fact that life will not always please me.  I can try to adapt myself as joyfully as possible to my life as it is today.  I can forgive.

I can look for a new job – or end an unhealthy relationship – or take a day off and read a book. In many instances, I can choose to laugh instead of cry.   I can do a lot.

It’s sad that many people spend the majority of their time thinking about other people – and thinking about the things they cannot do – and thinking about things they don’t have – and thinking about things they don’t like.  Through the law of attraction, more of that is being drawn in.   You can remember that, and you can make an effort to do things differently.

Today you can choose to love yourself.    With God’s help, and your cooperation, you can start to change your world.

Many Blessings,

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