Changing Your Attitude

Changing Your Attitude

Changing Your Attitude –

Where does the time go? Do you ever wonder where spring and summer went? It’s time for back to school and just that activity alone triggers an energy wave of forward movement that you can take advantage of. This can be a wonderful time to step back, regroup, look at your life, and decide if you want to make any changes.

I read somewhere that ‘most of my heartache has come from my own refusal to accept reality.’ Is there something in yourself, in another human being, or in a situation that would benefit from a change in attitude on your part?

There may be something you have been fighting that you would be better off accepting. There may be something unacceptable that you have been tolerating.

What would happen if you considered that you are going back to school along with everyone else? Is it time to tackle a subject that you have been having difficulty with, or that hasn’t even come to your awareness before now?

As human beings we never stop learning and growing. Hope you enjoy the new school year.


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