Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure

Did you ever have a Never Ending Adventure Storybook when you were young?  As I recall, both of my boys did, and they were lots of fun.  You would read a few chapters and then you were given a choice.  I don’t remember the exact particulars, but it went something like this:  if you want to leave the castle, turn to page 86 –  if you want to continue on to explore the dungeon, turn to page 43.  You created your own adventure as you went, because every time you answered another question, you were directed to keep reading in another part of the book.

Our lives are like that.  Superimposed over the life we are living are all the other potential lives we could be experiencing.  Somewhere in our ‘book’ we are deciding to climb a mountain or go for a swim.  We could have just as easily decided to spend the day in bed.   Each choice takes us to another page.

Using the analogy of the book, we could be having an experience from our past or our future.  We can jump around, but it’s still our book.  All the potentials and all the experiences, no matter how we put them together, are valid and all belong to us.

And this is not total fantasy.  This is a higher dimensional concept, presented in a way our earth bodies can understand  – maybe just a tiny bit. This is tough to comprehend, and yet this same message has been given over and over throughout the ages:  We are all living in multiple realities at one time.  We are multidimensional beings.  Somewhere there is an energetic part of you that has made a different decision.  While the you that you know may be the only ‘physical’ you –  dimensionally you have many counterparts.

Today’s science actually validates this – that there are many dimensions of time and space in existence.  We have been told through trusted channels that there are actually 12 available to us in this current reality, and that ‘part’ of us is present in all of them.

If this is too weird to accept at this time, that is fine.  Your being has been offered an idea, however strange it may seem, and perhaps something within you will start to resonate and show you something you didn’t know before.

If you can accept that this may be true, then try this the next time you are faced with a decision and need information:  ask the ‘you’ that has the answer to share it with you.  It’s that simple.  Somewhere all your answers exist, and you are the one that has them tucked away in some time or place.  So let the adventure begin.

Blessed Be, Elaine

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