choosing to be happy

Choosing to be Happy

Happy or Sad – Your Choice

I’m sure you know people who have lives full of good things, and yet they are unhappy and discontented. Sometimes they are angry or critical. You probably also know people who have family challenges and financial challenges and health challenges, and yet they are upbeat and nice to be around.

Some people, of course, have good lives and they are grateful. Some have difficult lives and they are depressed.

The fact is, we give our circumstances a lot more credit for our moods than they deserve. I am not in the least suggesting that it is easy to be happy in the midst of dire circumstances, but time and again we are faced with this undeniable fact: It’s not what happens to us that really matters, but how we respond to what happens to us. Choosing to be happy can be just that – a choice.

If we allow our circumstances to control our moods we are giving away our power. Human evolution being what it is, you have never had more personal power available to you than you do in this moment. A month from now you will probably have even more. We are growing and evolving and we won’t stop until we reach our goal.

Since the very beginning of time the goal has been to bring our powerful spirits into a human body to have a human experience, while retaining our spiritual attributes. We got lost along the way and our biology ruled for eons of time. We are now coming back into our power. Claim it. Look within. Your circumstances are the result of the energy you have been putting out so far – or – the plans you made for yourself to learn something, or experience something.

You can put out new energy. You can change your plans. You can speak to Spirit and review your contract and maybe even re-negotiate if lessons have been learned. You can value the power in choosing to be happy.

Life really is your choice. Choose well.

Blessings, Elaine


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