christmas miracles

Christmas Miracles

In the world of Spirit everything has a time and a season – a purpose and a reason.  We are in the 3 day period of time that began on the Solstice – the time in the North when the light grows brighter everyday.  Energetically it is 3 days of silence and stillness, going within, contemplation, perhaps memories of joy or memories of sadness – and in spite of the hustle and bustle of ‘getting ready’ in the worldly sense, there is an even greater period of ‘getting ready’ in the spiritual sense.

Whether we chose to celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th because of the energetic overtones, or Spirit sent the Presence in response to our creation of this period of time doesn’t really matter.  It goes together.  It works together.  The day we have designated as the day of the Birth is the day when Spirit conspires to bring us the greatest in-pouring of loving energies that they are capable of showering us with.  God’s Presence is more real and tangible on this day than any other, because we have all turned our faces in the same direction – and we are all receiving the Light together.  In being together we are powerful, and in our unity God can work miracles.

This year is no different in that aspect, and yet in one way it is Brand New.  We have achieved something here on earth.  Something never before accomplished.  You have done this.  Whether you know it or not, whether everyone knows it or not, whether one is Christian based or not, it doesn’t matter.  The collective Spirit of the humans on earth have achieved a level of understanding and caring and compassion that surpasses what the Heavens ever thought we could.  We have allowed the opening of a ‘new’ door.  We have received a ‘new’ energetic imprint and are capable of hearing a ‘new‘ song.

If nothing feels different today, I ask you to hold the hope.  I would ask you to seek within to see if there is a seed of understanding, or peacefulness, or love that wasn’t there before.  All it takes is a seed of hope no bigger than a mustard seed and in the influx of the Light, the Power of God will grow.

This can be your Christmas Miracle – the re-birth of the Babe – the return of the Light – the birth of something brand new within you:  some new hope – some new feeling – some new desire – some new peace.  Look for it in the days to come.  It will be there.

If you have had many difficulties and sadness-es in your life, then start to believe in the possibility of many blessings.  Energy always balances itself, if we are faced in the right direction.  God will take every burden you carry if you just give it to Him.  Turn toward the Light today – turn toward the Love – give it  – receive it – BE it.  Welcome the light in your life and then BE the light in your life and you can have your Christmas Miracle.

Love and untold blessings going out from my heart to yours,

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