December 23, 2014 –
Christmas –

You have probably finished most of your shopping and wrapping and busyness by now. Some of you are really looking forward to church services and celebrations and gatherings. Some of you are just waiting for it all to be over, because the emotions of Christmas are usually intense. Christmas lights seem to illuminate either our joys or our sorrows. Christmas lights also illuminate truth. Today I am going to share some of mine.

As far back as I can remember, the religion of my upbringing talked about the second coming of Christ. Looked at through a very literal 3D lens, it was expected, and explained, that Jesus would return in human form in a physical body, and take up His ministry of healing and teaching. That was to be a glorious time when humanity would be blessed by God with unimaginable wonders.

The religion of my unbringing never satisfied me, though, and I have been on a lifelong journey of personal spiritual awakening. I have discovered my truth and I will share it with you today. Perhaps it is your truth too.

The Spirit of the Christ came to Earth in the physical form of the Master Jesus. This was a unique blessing for a planet that had fallen in vibration to unplanned low levels. When Jesus departed, the Spirit remained in the elements of earth which he had consecrated, in the potential seeds he had planted in the human DNA, and in the energetic vibrations that the human being could access when they had grown. It was know that humanity was on a course of evolution and there would come a time when the human vessel could individually contain these Christed energies.

That time is now. The potential is yours. In this Year of Our Lord of 2014 the doorway has opened. When you reach a certain level of spiritual awareness and you are a high enough vibrational match, the Christ will return, through you. The Christed energies which are pure love, will sing in your heart and you will experience things you never experienced before.

I believe this journey, this awakening, will be a little different for each of us. It will probaby not come in one dramatic moment, although for some it may. It may come to you, as Robert Frost described it, ‘on little cat feet’ – softly and silently.

The second coming is here. It is for you. It is for now. It is for the moment you open to it and embrace it. You now have the potential to carry the Love and the Light of the Christ that Jesus first brought to earth – you and all the other precious souls on this planet that have evolved in vibration to a place where they can hold it. The Light of the Christ has returned. It can be born this Christmas in your heart. The Christmas lights could pale in comparison to what you carry within.

If this is your truth, may you embrace it with everything you have. If this is your truth, may you open to it now. If this is your truth may it live in your heart as a love you have never know. If this is your truth, then this could be your best Christmas ever. Namaste.


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