claiming your true power

Claiming Your True Power

Perhaps you are starting to glimpse your awakening power now and then.  If you have been working at all consciously with your thoughts and feelings, trying to discard and change the negative – if you have been seeking out things to be grateful for, more than things to be disturbed by – and if you look for places to leave a little kindness behind you, and places where you can forgive, you are becoming very powerful.

True power is demonstrated by your ability to act thoughtfully and purposely instead of react with impulsiveness and shortsightedness.   Some people might have a lot of bravado and the ability to make things happen by issuing orders and mandating ultimatums.  That isn’t power.  That’s just bullying and controlling.   It shows little real concern for others and it limits one’s ability to rise past a certain level of human development.

There is great power in love – true love – compassionate, understanding, accepting, inclusive and forgiving love.

There is great power in deep personal integrity because a person is in control of themselves.  They cannot be driven to emotional reactions by someone else’s behavior.

Positive strong leadership carries these qualities.

Strength is not brute force.  Anyone can do damage with a gun in their hands.  Strength is knowing what you are a part of, and what is sustaining you.  Strength comes from seeing yourself as a part of the living network of light that is God.

Here is something to ponder:  I am not powerful because I am capable of hurting you.  I am powerful because I am capable of hurting you, and you can trust me not to.

Many Blessings,

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