Common Sense and Common Courtesy

  April 12, 2011 –
Common Sense and Common Courtesy –

A few weeks ago they passed a law that says that if you are driving and come across a police vehicle with its’ lights flashing you must move over and give it some room.  How sad we needed a law for that.  Out on our highways there are a lot of people that operate within legal limits, but never consider what their fellow travelers might be up against.  Once in a while you need to stop, or slow down, or speed up or move over to be of assistance to somebody else.  That only happens, though, if your eyes and your hearts are open.

There are laws that make you clean up after your pets in public places – and laws against littering – and laws against making a lot of noise late at night and bothering your neighbors.   It’s too bad that we need laws for those things, but some people only behave when they are forced to.

Other people may appear to be agreeable and considerate, but only until someone ‘pushes their buttons’ and then they can react with indignation and irritation.

Being courteous to people who are courteous to you is nice, but it doesn’t change any templates, or patterns of living.  It doesn’t contribute to your soul growth.   Being courteous to people who, in your estimation, are moving too fast or moving too slow – or are too indecisive or too impulsive – or too outspoken or too withdrawn –  or too this or too that,  is another story.  Behavior matters.
Being in control of ourselves, and doing what’s right in all circumstances is a mark of maturity.  

Do you try to do what’s right, even when no one is looking, and even when no one will ever know?

Every day we are part of the mass consciousness that is creating the new future by our behaviors and our desires.  We will get more of what we are.

Today I hope to be courteous to my fellow man every chance I get.  Today I hope my common sense rules in all situations.  Today I intend to do my part in the creation of the new world that I want to live in.

If I happen to meet you today and together we encounter someone who is behaving badly, I hope we can join our lights of courtesy and compassion and help to strengthen the new higher standard for all.

Blessed Be, Elaine

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