comparing ourselves to others

Comparing Ourselves to Others

Comparisons –

Recently, I watched an episode of ‘Hoarders’ on TV. Have you ever seen that show?  It’s about people who live for years without ever throwing out the trash – or anything else.  After watching that, my house looked pretty good to me.  I could even skip spring cleaning this year and still feel pretty superior if I choose too.  Then again, I have a few friends who live immaculate lives.  After I visit them I could come home and be dismayed by water spots on my kitchen faucet if I choose to.

Most of the standards we have for our lives live within a field of comparing ourselves to others.  We see how other people do things, and how other people think, and we find our comfort zone in the middle of that.

To be a ‘free thinker’ has often, in our history, been equated with something so radical and different that it shouldn’t be trusted.

Today I am challenging everybody to become a ‘free thinker’.  Take a subject – any subject – and hold it up for examination.  Why do you feel that way about the subject?  Is it shared by your family, friends, church or society?  Have you ever thought it through before, or have you just accepted what somebody else told you?  What to YOU really believe?

I saw a video the other day about the different functions of the different sides of our brain.  For most of our lives, and particularly when we started school, the part that conforms has been nurtured more than the part that imagines and dreams and figures things out for itself.  Many of us need to make deliberate conscious choices to expand our intuitive and creative side.

It is ironic that in order to reach true unity with our fellow man, we must first claim our independence of thought, but we do.  The desire for meaningful unity has to be born from a strong sovereign self-assured spirit.

Today may you be inspired to journey inward to find your independent creative self.  May you then desire to be part of something even greater.

Blessings, Elaine

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