Confidence in Your Abilities


There is some area of your life in which you are very powerful. There is something you do really well.  You may know what it is, or you may need to look harder to find it, but it’s there.  You have gifts humanity needs.  Once you identify them, and use them for good, you become incredibly powerful.

I challenge you to look past the obvious physical and mental abilities, that you may or may not know about, and admit something deeper about yourself.  Can you be trusted?  Are you a good problem solver?  If someone has a broken heart are you the healer?

If you don’t know what you do well, it’s time you figured out what it is, and admitted it, and spoke about it, and honored it.   If you are a good teacher tell me so.  If you are a great artist, stand up for your work.  If you are my doctor, assure me of excellent care.  If you have integrity and I can count on you I want to know it.

If you minimize your abilities because you don’t want to appear conceited, that is a problem.  You have conceit confused with confidence and truth.

In this life, in this moment, you are needed.  If you do something well, say so.  If you are the best to come to with a particular issue, let it be known.  If you will work with integrity for the greater good, share that information. .

Many corrupt people have discovered their gifts and decided to use them to manipulate and control and abuse. We need to hone our intuition so that we can identify these people.  They will have their day of reckoning before God in this life or another.  Karmic justice is always served.

Nevertheless, and in spite of what anyone else says, or anyone else does, you owe it to yourself and the world to step up and step out with confidence.  Somewhere in your life you are very powerful.  God made you that way.  Please consider what a world we could create if everyone of good will stepped up into their power.  Consider that.

Many blessings,

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