I read an interesting definition of faith this week.  Many people define it as believing in something.  According to this author it meant having confidence in something.

We have a tendency to use the word ‘believe’ rather casually.  You can believe a great many things:   that it will be a sunny day tomorrow because the weatherman said so,  or that your dog will sit on command because he is well trained.  However, if I asked you if you had unshakeable confidence in a sunny day and a sitting dog, you might remember a time when the weatherman was wrong and your dog barked instead.

Many who believe in something, profess to having faith in God.  Many others challenge them to prove their faith and it becomes an intellectual debate.  However, if you have confidence in something, no one can really challenge you.  It is an internal feeling, just like being hungry.  You are either hungry or you are not.  You either have confidence in something or you have some doubt.

And what is this ‘thing’ you have confidence in?  For me it is the strong inner knowing that the light will overcome the darkness, that humanity will rise again to greatness, that good will ultimately prevail.  Has anyone ever said to you ‘keep the faith’?  I think that just means to keep having confidence in something.

What do you have confidence in?  Is it a person, an ideal, an idea? I hope you have confidence in yourself, and in your ability to make good decisions and come up with positive answers.  I hope you will give it some thought, because when we feel confident in our ability, and God’s greatness, we move out into the world attracting positive experiences and outcomes and we always feel secure.

Many Blessings,

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