coping with change

Coping With Change

Sometimes it’s dramatic – the loss of a job, an ability, your home, your health, your significant other.  Sometimes it is life changing – a graduation, a marriage, a divorce, a death.  Those come to us all in some form or another during our lifetimes.  Sometimes changes are initiated by you –  moving to a different location, joining a health club, leaving some group that you have been with for a long time.  Sometimes the changes are subtle. Your favorite restaurant closes.  The weather forces you to make other plans.  You discover you are out of coffee, so you will have to stop and pick some up on the way to work.

Some changes are easy to deal with, and some are not.  Some require huge adjustments and some only minor ones.  Nevertheless, we cannot get through this life without learning how to adapt and adjust to change.

Some people resist change with everything that they have.  They will never part with this or that.  They will never change their mind about some issue.  They will never – whatever.  Often the motivator is fear.  They know what they have and it is manageable – sort of – some of the time.  The unknown, however, now that can be scary. What if things get worse?

One thing is for sure.  Whatever attitude you choose to face your coming changes with, will highly influence the path you walk in the future.  If you expect things to get worse, you are putting out negative energy.  Like attracts like.  If you put out positive energy and excitement toward the change, you have a much better chance of things working out well.  This is how coping with change by embracing change can have a positive outcome.

We live on a free will planet, and I don’t believe that every random thing that happens to us is ordained by God, but nevertheless, we do have a life plan that our soul created.  If we have the intention to follow our highest and greatest good, we will always be led in that direction, even if we, with our own free will, occasionally wander down an  alternate road.  Dramatic change is sometimes the only way to get us back on track if we have gone off course from our soul’s intentions.

If you are focused on living the most joyous, abundant, creative, forgiving, loving, grateful life you can, you can be assured that any changes that come to you are helping to direct you on that path.

The ability to accept, adapt, adjust and keep the faith throughout the many changes of life will serve you well and bring you much peace.

Many Blessings, Elaine

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