More Cosmic Energy Waves

More Cosmic Energy Waves

We are living through unique energetic times.  Since our planet is hurtling through space at an unbelievable rate, and our planets change their orientation to each other constantly, we are always in flux.  We are well aware of changing weather patterns and seasonal changes, but changes brought about by cosmic energy waves are not very well known, even though extremely real and powerful.

Every now and then the stars align in just the right way, and we get bombarded with energy particles.  Scientists understand this phenomenon in terms of sun spots and fluctuating magnetic fields for example.  The true nature of cosmic energy waves goes even deeper.  They touch people individually which ultimately shows up collectively.  Some of these cosmic forces encourage us to look within ourselves for examination and introspection.  Some make us more outgoing and more willing to reach out to each other.  Some make us feel anxious and even fearful.  Some bring peace.  Some bring chaos.

The energy wave that is hitting us right now is like a big wooden spoon stirring the pot.  People who have practiced staying centered and focused may just need to plant themselves firmly while riding out these waves that are manifesting as political and social unrest.

People who are highly sensitive may have to remind themselves that a lot of the confusion and unrest they are feeling doesn’t really belong to them.  They are just picking it up from their surroundings

People who don’t have much knowledge of what is going on may feel overwhelmed by either the problems in their lives, or the opportunities in their lives.  When the pot gets stirred it is neither good nor bad, it just is.  What is getting stirred up is the contents of the pot.

The current state of the energy of earth has a very important component that hasn’t been here before.

Pretend you have been stirring a mixture that reaches a certain boiling point and then starts to thicken or change.  We are at that point in the cooking of our lives.  We are ready to take that amazing step that propels us forward, not as a thin mixture, but a perfect pudding or chocolate fudge.

Knowledge is power, and so I hope you can take this knowledge and use it to intend that what comes out of your pot is more than you ever dreamed possible.

Many blessings,

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