Creating Life Beyond Dualistic Thinking

Creating Life Beyond Dualistic Thinking

Creating Life Beyond Dualistic Thinking –

I know I have spoken of this before but it bears repeating until humanity gets it:  Most people have pre-conceived ideas about right and wrong.  They will quite often search for information until they find validation of their personal beliefs.  At that point they say, “yes, this is the truth – I knew it all along.” Then they will resist anyone who doesn’t share their truth. That’s as far as they ever go.

The only way we will ever advance beyond the divisions that have arisen in this country, is for each person to look at both sides of an issue fairly and squarely.  Make sure you know what you are standing up for and why.  Play with the idea of creating a better way – better than either the black or the white.  This is not a compromise between the two.  This new kind of thinking takes the positives of both sides and then adds even more to put all into a completely new system.  To evolve as a healthy species we must create life beyond dualistic thinking.  It has to start with you.

I applaud all those who are resisting new laws and political appointments that they believe are wrong for our democracy – however –  please understand, it can’t stop there.  Once you have resisted, then what?  You must stand up, speak out, and contribute to the creation of the new energy that replaces all that came before.

Once I attended a class that taught conflict resolution for children.  If there were 2 children involved in a fight they were taught to sit facing one another.  They were to clasp their hands backwards and fold them up their hearts.  Then they were to talk about how they viewed the conflict.  They could say anything they pleased about how they looked at the precipitating incident or their feelings.  Only one real rule.  They couldn’t say ‘YOU’. They couldn’t say ‘You hurt me.”  They could only say “I was hurt and I believe it is unfair and cruel to have this done to me.’  Of course, that is only a beginning, but a very crucial one.  To stop blaming and start explaining your own point of view.  Then to listen carefully to the other.

I wish our Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate would be required to do this.  I wish they were only able to collect their paychecks after they looked closely at both sides and came up with a new and improved way to address the issue.   An impossible dream?  Well, that’s where reality starts.  I will never stop dreaming, and sharing my dreams, and sending out the energy of cooperation to whomever is open to receiving it.

Many Blessings,

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