creating your own reality

Creating Your Own Reality

Do you stop to consider very often that we live in the world we have created?  Do you understand that you are in the process of creating your own reality right now?   Just to give you a small example of that, consider rude people.  I’m sure you run into them occasionally.  They slam the phone down on tele-marketers.  They yell at people when they are driving.  They shout unkind things at sporting events.  We’re not going to take the time today to examine why they behave the way they do, or what kind of karmic energy they are creating for themselves – but we are going to look at our reaction to them.

We could feel uncomfortable in the presence of that kind of energy.  We could judge them and retaliate in kind, or, we could use the energy of the moment to create something new.  It’s pretty simple to do that – just view the behavior as something you want to see leaving, and then create a mental picture of the way things could be.

You might say to yourself, “it will sure be nice when people are always courteous and respecful of one another, even if they disagree.”  Then maybe you can feel what it will be like when everyone around you desires that and behaves that way too.  Sound like the impossible dream?  It’s not.  It’s an absolute reality that we are approaching that moment where we collectively take a giant leap in consciousness together.  The things we decide we want today will become our reality very soon.  If you want to have a voice in the way the future looks then it’s imperative that you be proactive in creating your own reality.  Together we really can make this a kinder and nicer place to live.

Blessings, Elaine

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