Crystal and Vibrational Healing

Crystal and Vibrational Healing –

How can a crystal possibly heal you?  Or a color?  Or a sound?  Or the people you spend time with?  Or your activities and your environment?  I assure you that each and every one of those things figures hugely into how healthy and happy you are.  We are vibrational beings, and we pick up and store and use and reject and release energy all day.  Most of this is unconscious until we become aware of the impact these things are having on our lives, and then we can become completely conscious and proactive.  It’s not that hard.  The results can be amazing.

Every crystal has its own vibrational signature and when you hold it or carry it or have it close by, it will send it’s message out to you. The vibration is beyond our current range of hearing, but not beyond our range of feeling.  The feelings are subtle and probably not immediately identified, but crystals have been used since the beginning of time on this planet to enhance, and help us come into resonance with, the energy we want.  They are powerful amplifiers which are used all the time in a lot of your electronic devices.

Your root chakra – your first main energy center at the base of your spine – will get powerful healthy vibrations from rubies and garnets; from wearing something red; from being in a safe secure environment and from associating with people who are confident and happy.

Your body’s whole grounding system, keeping you feeling secure on this earth, will be assisted by hematite, onyx, Apache tears, and other dark brown and black crystals.  Wearing dark clothing always helps ground you, as does spending time outdoors in the presence of earth, natural wood and stone.

Your heart will be helped by carrying rose quartz or rhodochrosite or malachite.  Your heart needs to feel love.  If you are constantly surrounded by people who criticize you and demean you or just ignore you, your heart suffers.  Get away from them as much as you can.

Your thymus is located between your heart and your throat, and it influences, among other things, your immune system.  Carrying a turquoise or aquamarine can boost that system, along with surrounding yourself with clothing and wall coverings that contain the lovely aqua and turquoise shades.

Your throat and ability to speak up is enhanced with the stone Angelite and anything sky blue or robins egg blue.  Your connection to the divine is always enhanced with amethyst.

If you have issues with self worth try working with orange calcite or citrine.

If you are sad and depressed find yourself some iolite, or some canyon jasper or spider web jasper.   Watch comedies and listen to happy music.  But don’t stop there.  Find someone to talk to – a professional or a friend.  Depression only grows in isolation. There’s a reason for your sadness or your depression and you need to identify it and get some help for it.

No matter which crystals you choose to work with, understand they are an enhancement and part of the total package.  They can’t help you anymore than it would it you took your vitamins and expected them to compensate for an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

The different types of crystals available for you to work with are beyond numbering.  If you have ever visited a crystal and gem show, you will see that your choices are immense.  Each one reacts slightly differently and whatever you want help with, there will be the perfect crystal to help you somewhere.

If you don’t know where to start,  get a clear quartz.  They are beautiful, powerful and versatile.

You all know which kinds of music make you feel better, and feed your soul – and which kinds of music make you irritable and uncomfortable.  We usually just put that down to likes and dislikes – but you like and dislike different pieces of music for a reason. Children with attention deficit disorder, and autism are helped immensely with the right kind of soothing music.  The great classical masters like Mozart knew all about the healing aspects of sound.  Why do you think their music has endured and is loved by so many?  Because your body loves the way it feels when you listen to it.

You can’t always control the environment or the people you work with, but if the energy is really bad, you should probably consider looking for other employment.  You can control who you spend time with, talk to and interact with.  If someone you need to see occasionally is the source of uncomfortable vibrations for you, then limit the contact to the minimum.  That is your right and your responsibility to insure that you are always surrounded with the healthiest and happiest vibrations for your mind and body.

Your home environment deserves to be looked at and studied.  It is usually a reflection of how you are feeling. You will never be your best in a room full of dirty dishes and dirty clothes and objects you don’t love and things that don’t serve you.  If your life feels stagnent and confining, check out your living space.  Changing that is completely usually very do-able.  Fill it with the right crystals and the right colors and the right objects and the right people, and you are on your way.

Our world today is filled with countless numbers of things we might feel we have no control over – but it is absolutely filled with an astounding number of things we can control.  If you focus on those thing you may be pleasantly surprised at what a difference it makes.


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