Cycles –

This world of ours operates on energetic cycles and pulses. You know there are times to plant – times to harvest – times to celebrate – times to look within – and your own personal rhythms are often influenced by the month you were born.

There are also some very important cycles and rhythms that are playing out now and over the next few months. You may have been feeling the urge lately to let things go, downsize, simplify or in some other way make some changes in your life. The theme song from the movie Frozen – Let It Go – has become the favorite of children everywhere this year, and their parents hear it night and day.

It is also where we are. We are in a very important letting go phase of our spiritual development. In two days we will celebrate another New Year and many people will be focused on what they want to bring in and accomplish this year. That is all well and good. Do that. Just realize that before anything new can come in you need to make some room.

If there are any attitudes, beliefs, activities, things, or people that are asking to be let go of, do it now. Don’t wait one more day.

In January the energies will support thinking about new things to bring in. You may not see those things begin to materialize until around Easter time, but it’s good to start to think about any new ventures or acquisitions during the month of January.

Going with the flow of life is always the easier path. Letting go is what the rest of December is all about. Have fun with that.

Blessings, Elaine

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