Dealing with Fear that Comes with Spiritual Growth

Dealing with Fear that Comes with Spiritual Growth

The title of  this article may seem puzzling, because on the surface spiritual growth sounds just wonderful – and it is.  It is the ultimate goal of having this human experience – to someday remember that we are magnificent spirits inhabiting these bodies and doing these physical things.

Some fears are a little more obvious than others.  You may indeed outgrow some of your activities and some of your relationships.  A fear that is usually more well hidden is the fear of what opening to more light might also open you up to.  We all, at some point or another, have to deal with the fear that comes with spiritual growth.

This is a life of yin and yang, dark and light, exploring opposites.  To maintain cosmic balance, awareness of more light also means awareness of more darkness.  Darkness, unexplored, can seem negative, nasty, evil and scary.  Even as little children, many of us had nightmares of monsters and needed a nightlight on. Many have an inherent subconscious fear of the dark.

Think of it this way.  As a teenager you couldn’t wait to drive the car.  Without proper instruction that could be downright dangerous.  You needed to know the rules, and the techniques and what to do in an emergency.   Then you needed to practice under supervision.   Or think of fire.  We keep children away from stoves and matches until they know the rules of safety.  Yin and yang – good and bad – benefits and drawbacks – they always comes together. Spiritual growth is no different.  We each have an unconscious and subconscious knowledge of what bringing more light into our lives will mean.  It means we have to acknowledge the presence of evil among us.  It means we have to learn to deal with evil and darkness, not go into fear in the face of it.

Just as we have to put on heavy clothes in the winter to keep us safe from the cold, we have to learn to put on our spiritual protection before we go out into a world of uncertainty where our light is sure to attract attention.  If you go out driving a fancy car and wearing an expensive watch and diamonds you can attract the attention of thieves.  If you go out with your spiritual light of compassion and generosity shining, you can attract the attention of those who don’t want a fair and compassionate world, but who want to maintain a controlling world.

Please don’t let that stop you.  Enjoy your campfire and your night out on the town.  Just maintain a sense of awareness to stay safe.  In the same way, be alert to people who would drain your energy or want to trigger your anger or make you go into fear. Those are the tools of the dark side.  Breathe in the gold white light of Spirit and feel yourself surrounded by Divine Presence over and over again.  We know we need to keep drinking water throughout the day and keep ourselves hydrated.  In the same way we need to keep ourselves in the awareness of the protection that a cloak of love and light can provide to us.  Just as we make an effort to stay away from areas of our city that have a high crime rate,  we learn to stay away from people and situations that would direct their negativity to weaken our energy fields.

Please don’t fear your light even though it will illuminate things that were hiding in dark places.  You have all the tools you need to succeed and thrive.

Many blessings, Elaine

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