Definitions of Humility

Definitions of Humility

Definitions of Humility –

The word humility has often been a hard one for humans to understand. Some people believe it means to think less of themselves than they do of someone else, or to put themselves down. That’s sad. If someone’s accomplishments have exceeded mine, they may often deserve my respect and my appreciation, but humility is a whole other thing.

Perhaps humility is best understood if we don’t use it as a comparison with something or someone else, unless that someone else is God. I have often used the definition that when I am humble I can acknowledge all the wonderful things I am and the wonderful things I do – however, I never, ever forget that God gave me those abilities in the first place and all glory goes to God. Humility for me is all wrapped up with gratitude.

Scriptures suggest that we humble ourselves in the presence of the Lord. That in no way means to think you are small and unimportant and insignificant and unworthy. It only means to be aware of how powerful, mighty and wonderful the Lord is.

I heard other great definitions of humility this week, though, that I wanted to share with you. Someone said, ‘when I am humble I am teachable’. Another said, ‘true humility does not mean meek surrender to any given human situation, but surrender to God’s will for your life. The attitude of true humility confers dignity and grace on us, and strengthens us to take intelligent spiritual action in solving our problems.’

I love those definitions of humility. Rather than putting us down, they build us up, and empower us, and that’s what true humility is supposed to do.

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