A Different Way To Look At Hope and Trust

A Different Way To Look At Hope and Trust

A Different Way To Look At Hope and Trust –

One dictionary definition of hope is:  ‘A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.’   We can hope for health, or a sunny day, or world peace.

Hope always carries the element of your belief in percentages – the likelihood of probability over possibility.  You can hope for something, and fully expect it to manifest, or you can hope for something without much inner belief that it will ever come true.

Hope is always about the future – something that hasn’t manifested yet in the physical – and always carries an element of the unknown.

All those viewpoints of hope are somehow outer directed.  You probably don’t feel empowered over the end result.  Hope all by itself can be a very unsatisfying feeling since it carries an element of helplessness.  Now couple hope with trust and you have something.

When you trust, rather than just hope, things get a lot more personal.  Trusting has to come from your heart and have a basis in reality.  Trust always grows out of truth, not just desire. Who do you trust?  I hope that answer starts with yourself, because that is the most important thing.

Can you trust yourself to  bring your best to any situation?  Can you count on yourself to seek positive outcomes?  Can you count on yourself to bring love and light where it is needed?   Can you trust in your ability to forgive?

Naturally, as human beings,  we will always have moments of doubt or fear or anger or anxiety.  Can you count on yourself to identify those feelings and, after acknowledging them, get to work on improving them?

If you can trust yourself, you can expand that trust outward to those who have proven track records and shown themselves to be trustworthy individuals.  You can even trust God more easily because everything starts within.  In actuality you are trusting the Divine part of you  – the God within – to always bring you back to what is loving and positive.

As you go through these upcoming holidays my hope for you is that you trust yourself enough to know that no matter what is going on in the outer world, you are in charge of your inner personal world, and you can let love, peace and truth reign there.

Many Blessings,

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