Dimensional Frequencies

Dimensional Frequencies

When I go to the gym there is usually music playing in the background.  They have a receiver set for a certain station, and we all hear it.  We are all agreeing to listen to sound that is being broadcast on the same wavelength.  Some people have earphones on and players in their pocket.  They are listening to a different broadcast on a different frequency.

When I was a child there were only several TV stations – now there are several hundred.  They are all right there around you in your living room, but you are using a receiver to only zero in on the one you want to watch.

My grandmother was a beautiful seamstress and created wonderful pieces of clothing, and she had lots of colorful pieces of cloth around.   I remember she had things that were white, and maybe things that were tan – but I certainly don’t remember white, off-white, snow-white, lily-white, linen-white and all the rest of the shades and hues that are now available.  You can drive yourself crazy in a paint store today if you just want to get some blue.  Which blue of the dozens of shades of blue would you like?

Grandma, or maybe grand-grandma might not have even been able to tell the difference between all those different shades.  Perception has matured along with humanity, and we are able to perceive a wider range of frequencies all the time.  Each color comes to our vision on a different frequency vibration.

So does information.  As we mature as individuals, and a society, we expand our capacity to hold more information.  Since all information comes to us on a different frequency band, we have once again, increased our capacity to tune in and receive more.

The human of today can see more, hear more and understand more, partly because all those things come to us on different frequencies – and we can tune in to a wider range of frequencies all the time.

We always knew that dogs could hear sounds we couldn’t hear – their frequency range was wider than ours.

We sometimes refer to these different frequency states as different dimensional bands, or just different dimensions.  And they are all around us.  We can tune in to whatever we want, at any given time.

Things we might not even have considered as being broadcast to us on a specific frequency, are in fact doing just that.

Love, compassion and joy are coming to us on a very high light frequency and are said to be 5th dimensional and above.  Anger, sadness and fear vibrate very slowly and they are very low frequencies, operating in the 3rd dimensional range.

If you attend a town hall meeting filled with residents who are upset and angry over something the town is doing, you are sitting in a low vibration and probably the 3rd dimension.

If you attend a concert where a Master is playing beautiful music on a beautiful instrument, you can access higher vibrations and you may even be able to feel 5th to 9th dimensional energies.

A lot of times we will allow ourselves to go to a ‘default’ setting.  We will just let our energy match those around us.  This way we fit in and we don’t have to think too hard.

It we want to maintain ourselves in a higher vibrational space than the people around us, though – if we want to see and hear and know what many others are not aware of, then we have to understand the principles involved, and we have to make the effort to go beyond where we are right now.

How come some people can see angels and some can’t?  It’s purely a matter of perception of vibrations or dimensions.  Some people hear things we may not hear.  I know some people can tune into celestial choirs and hear beautiful cosmic music.  Some people see Spirits of departed loved ones and can tell you that your Grandfather is in the room, visiting you.

These things are not strange.  There are not the stuff of science fiction.  It just means that we all perceive within our own frequency bands and there is nothing wrong with that.  It is what it is.  Some people are a little fearful of things they cannot presently see or hear and so they won’t even try expansion.  But if you would like to expand your perception and see more or hear more or know more, there are ways to do that.  Meditation is a good way to start.  Tell your angels you are ready.  Examine your fears.  What is there to be afraid of when these things have always been around you anyway?  They aren’t going to change – only your perception of them will.  Commit yourself to spiritual growth by reading spiritual articles and making the decision that this is what you want.

As soon as you send out a request to the Universe it is heard and answered.  So just ask for more, and more will be given.  The other dimensions are right here sharing our lives with us.  Why not learn to see and hear them?  You just might discover it is a lot of fun.

Blessings, Elaine


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