Disengaging from the Drama of Life

Disengaging from the Drama of Life

Disengaging from the Drama of Life –

Everyone knows someone who wants to argue rather than discuss an issue. These people appear to be locked into their own self-centered point of view. They seem to enjoy upsetting you and they are getting something out of it. For whatever reasons, they are fearful, angry, anxious, or jealous and they want to draw you into their world. They feed off the energies of anger and anxiety and distress. Those lower vibrational chaotic energies are their food. They are energy vampires. If they can ruin your day, then their day is a good one. They are in actuality dumping their unpleasantness on you. They want you to take care of their garbage. If you pick it up and engage them they feel so much better. You don’t. Please don’t allow yourself to be used this way.

Sometimes they are touching an angry hurtful spot within you that needs releasing. That is why you react. In order to heal, you need to acknowledge and release the pain you carry, but there are healthy ways to do that. Engaging them in a battle of wits and will is not the way. Face these issues squarely and honestly, but not in their company. They will deliberately block you from finding true answers and true release. They don’t want you to get well. They want company in their own inner world of turmoil.

If it will help, view them as living in a house filled with rodents and nasty bugs of all types and persuasions. Engaging them in conflict is like willingly visiting them in their home and then bringing unwelcome visitors with you on your skin and in your clothing. It’s an unpleasant picture, although totally accurate, and if it helps you realize how dangerous it is to play with them in their backyard, then so be it.
A wise friend said something like this recently: I learned this lesson well and I don’t engage for the most part. It’s not worth my time and I’ve got better things to do.

I hope that you, as well, have better things to do. I hope you can find compassionate, understanding and informed people to assist you in healing your own issues. I pray that you will be led to the inspirational teachers, and literature and moments in each day that trigger your own innate healing abilities to help yourself.

Many Blessings,

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