divine timing

Divine Timing


Divine Timing is probably the most difficult thing to translate from the earthly realm to the spiritual realm.

We may not check our watches as often as we used to – we don’t have to – we can check our cell phones, constantly, and we do.

We are always aware of being on time, or being late.  School starts and ends, work starts and ends, appointments have to be kept, bedtime has to be honored, the alarm clock has to be set.

Even if we have moved into a state where we say, ‘time doesn’t matter’, it still does.  We still need to be there for the beginning of something, or the meeting with someone.

That’s human life  – but it is not Spirit life.  In the realm of spirit there is no time.  We were there once.  We were, and still are, eternal timeless beings.  We stepped into this earth realm that has a beginning and an end, and we monitor and calculate and record every second of our journey.

Then we reconnect with our spirit guides and angels and, at least for me, whenever they tell me that something has potential, I want to know ‘when’.  When can I expect this thing to come to me?  When can I expect to feel better?  When can I look for the blessings to manifest that you have promised me?

They used to give us probable dates.  When those dates came and went without visible proof, we got upset.  Then they started to tell us ‘soon’.  I tried to get them to tell me what ‘soon’ means.  They won’t do that anymore.  It is ineffective and a waste of energy.  It can also be a source of great frustration.  It takes a lot of faith and trust to just go with divine timing when we want something to happen ‘now’  or at least ‘soon’.

They gave me an analogy – a picture – the other day that helped me a little.  It may help you too.  I saw myself in a restaurant waiting for a table.  I asked when one would be available, and was told I could have a table as soon as someone was done eating.  When was that, I asked?  The waiter didn’t know.  He knew for certain that a time would come when people would be done with their meal, but he could not predict how fast they would eat or how long they would linger over coffee and dessert.  He just knew the time would come.

And so my guardians and guides assure me.  The time will come for me, and the time will come for you.  Everything we have been promised will manifest when the ‘time’ is right.

There is really only one solution – let’s have as much fun as possible while we wait.

Blessings, Elaine

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