Do You Know How To Use The Delete Key?

Do You Know How To Use The Delete Key?

You know all about the law of attraction.  You know that anger and self-pity and lashing out are unproductive –  and you try really hard not to go there.  But sometimes someone just makes you mad.  Sometimes something unfair comes to you, and you can’t help feeling sorry for yourself.  Sometimes you just want to cry – or hit something.    You are human.  This is planet Earth.  It happens.

If you don’t want those emotions to go out into the ethers to contaminate the wonderful life you are trying to build, you might try this:  Sit down for a heart to heart talk with your Guardian Angel – your Guardian is also your Gate Keeper, monitoring energies in and energies out.  Tell your Guardian that your intention is only to spread love and light out into the world.  Ask that anything less than loving not be sent out immediately, but saved to your draft folder.

Look at it tomorrow when you are in a better emotional frame of mind.  If you are sorry for your reaction, just hit the delete key.  Problem solved.

Namaste, Elaine


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