Dogs - Reflectors of Their Energetic Surroundings

Dogs – Reflectors of Their Energetic Surroundings

Dogs – Reflectors of Their Energetic Surroundings –

Years ago when I worked in a particular office there was a gentleman, also employed there, who occasionally brought his dog to work.  I remember that dog to this day for his outstanding behavior, manners, and general demeanor.  The dog was calm, thoughtful, attentive, respectful, quiet and very smart.  So was his owner.  I have known other extremely trustworthy and personable and thoughtful  dogs through the years and they have one common denominator.  They all had trustworthy, personable and thoughtful owners.

Then of course we all know the completely out of control, anxious, and excitable dogs.  Some of them are rescue animals and are still reflecting their previous owners even if the present owner is calm and centered.  In most cases, however,  it is the family dog that is the barometer for the energy that resides within its home.

Most homes are sometimes calm and sometimes chaotic.  The animals are also sometimes calm and sometimes chaotic.  Some people call in pet psychics to try to determine why their dogs are behaving in a certain way.  It is inevitably the family that the psychic will be reading, because dogs are reflectors of their energetic surroundings.  They are the mirrors.

I am focusing on dogs today, but certainly all animals do this to one extent or another.  Canaries used to be taken down into coal mines.  If they died it was a clue to the humans that the air was becoming too toxic to breathe any longer.  We like to think we have become more civilized over time.  There is a popular TV show that shows extreme out of control cat behavior.  Once physical factors have been ruled out, it is always the owners that need to change their behavior before the animal will begin to behave differently.

If you have an animal with behavioral problems there could be many reasons that have nothing to do with you, but there is also an extremely good chance that they are trying to teach you something about yourself.  Dogs are very smart that way.  They reflect back human behavior as a gift to humanity.  Dogs will take on the energy of the home in an effort to change it, help it and diffuse it.

If you suffer grief they will take it and share it with you.  If you experience joy and excitement they will feel it and reflect it back to you in their own joy and excitement.  If you are sad they will become sad.  If you are angry and impulsive you had better expect  fear or anger or impulsiveness coming from your family dog.  It’s pretty inevitable that it will happen that way.

Most people are still unaware of just how strongly their personal energy fields affect the composite energy field of mankind.  Dogs demonstrate that perfectly. Dogs came to love us, transmute our negative energy, feed us positive energy and teach us.  They can teach us a lot about the energy we are projecting and what kind of effect we are having on the world.  Dogs are speaking to us about ourselves all the time.  Are you listening and learning?  Our society is filled with abandoned, abused, sick and sad animals. Humanity, I hope you are paying attention to the warning signs here.

Have a Blessed Day,

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