dreams and realities

Dreams and Realities

What if the American people somehow figured it out in their dreams one night, and woke up knowing how to fix things.  Let’s pretend they immediately got together and declared the 2 top political party front runners the new leaders of society – for a  while – as long as they did an acceptable job.

Let’s imagine the new leaders were each offered middle working class homes for their families.  They were limited to water from the tap and their grocery list must contain unlabeled GMO foods.

When they had an important issue to deal with like life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness for someone or some group – they got confined until they came up with a solution that they both agreed on that served the greater good.  There would be a new Supreme Court, made up of recent college graduates (everyone had an opportunity to serve 2 years on the Supreme Court when they completed their free education). The court would have to approve the decision of the co-presidents before the co-presidents got to go home for a while.  In the Senate and Congress people had to sit next to people of the other party, and actually talk to them about solutions.  It would be required.

Fantasy?  Of course.  But if you never expand your thinking beyond what is here, what you think is coming, and what you are afraid of, nothing will ever get better.  Get creative with your thoughts.  Start out with the fantasies that only live in fairy realms.  Maybe if enough of us get creative more often, we can break out of this box of limited thinking that American has sunk into.  It has to start with you. It has to build from somewhere.  Martin Luther King said “I have a dream”.  He shared it.  People ran with it.  It became real.

This coming weekend, March 11, 12 and 13 there is going to be a worldwide meditation for peace each day at noon led by James Twyman.  Millions have already declared their willingness to participate by pausing at noon on those 3 days and sending love to the Planet – the epicenter being India.  Picture a global awakening where everyone took everyone else’s hand and said, ‘let’s do this.  Let’s make this work for everyone.’

Fantasy or creation?  Maybe there’s really no difference.  I’ll be looking for you in this ethers this weekend 🙂

Loving Blessings,

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