earth vibrations

Earth Vibrations

Earth Vibrations are Changing Fast

Last week I started to talk about the different vibrational levels that are available to us on Earth.  We have levels or dimensions 1 and 2 where the rocks and crystals and plants live, and we have dimension 3 where most people live.  We also have some teachers living among us who vibrate to 4th and 5th dimensional levels, and some even higher than that.  There is a certain point, though, when you vibrate so high and fast that you appear to disappear.  Third dimensional people can’t see you at this point.  Our angels vibrate on levels that we can’t see.

There are also layers within dimensions.  You could be existing at a low, middle or high 3d level.  Due to current Divine dispensations,  which go along with human spiritual growth and planetary changes, you could also now be living as a 4th or 5th dimensional person.  Those levels are now available here and they are really fluid.  You could be filled with love and accessing 5th dimensional energies in the morning, and be frightened by something and vibrating to a lower 3d level by suppertime.

Our goal is to become aware of our blocks, clear our blocks, and maintain our vibrations for as high as we can and for as long as we can.  Our secondary goal is to recognize when we slip down and to climb back up as soon as possible.

A 3d person cannot see a 9th dimensional person, but maybe a 5th dimensional person can.  Do you see the possibilities, and the fun, as we continue to raise ourselves up?  I have no idea how far we can go and still stay in body, but I do know that the 4th and 5th dimensions were not availble years ago, but they are now.  Nobody else can raise you up, and nobody else can keep you down.  This is an individual gift from God.  Because of our free will we get to decide how much of that free we will turn back to our Creator, and how much of God’s love we are willing to embody.

Many people pray the prayer:  “Thy will be done”.   Many also take their will back the next time they want something.  It’s a challenge to pray ‘Thy will be done” and then to live it constantly.  If you do, you could be living in a higher dimension.  Many people want to be loving but sometimes they’re not.  When you become loving all the time you will be living in a higher dimension.

Once the 2012 energies permeate the planet it will become much easier to stay up if we are already there.  It will also be harder to raise ourselves up if we are not.  By the end of 2012 it is quite possible that the 4th and perhaps even the lower 5th dimensions become the predominant vibrations of the planet.  Right now 3d is still predominant, even though higher ones are accessible.

Ever since mankind’s “fall from Grace”, when we fell to low 3d levels, we have been on a journey back to a full relationship with our Creator.  It has taken us thousands of years to grow back to high 3d levels, but now we are poised to take a huge jump to the 4th dimension and beyond.  All I can say to that is ‘THANK YOU GOD’.

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Blessings, Elaine

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