earths changes

Earth’s Changes

Earth’s Changes

The earth has always had a symbiotic relationship with the beings that live on her.  The science part is easy to understand.  She gives to us and we give back to her.  Of course it is vastly imbalanced and getting worse all the time.  We take her oil and minerals and her oxygen rich air and give back plastic and toxic chemicals.  We take her beauty which feeds our souls and sometimes give back appreciation – sometimes destruction.

The good news is that people are starting to see, understand and actually care.  If we destroy her we ultimately destroy ourselves. Another thing that people are finally starting to understand is that it is not only physical things and acts that are destructive, but the vibrational energy that humans project has a major impact on the health of the earth.

We hear stories periodically of people in stadiums or on porches who create such large intense vibrations with their behavior, that the structures actually collapse.  That, of course, is a vibration that you can hear with your ears and measure with your instruments. There is, nevertheless, an even more powerful vibration affecting the earth constantly, and that is the vibration that human emotions are constantly sending out into the atmosphere.

Wherever humans exhibit dense pockets of negative, angry or hateful energy, the earth is the recipient of all those intense and unbalanced emotions.  The earth in turn becomes unbalanced with the introduction of these vibrations.  We already have an issue with increased instability and movement along the tectonic plates of earth.  People are going into fear and anger and adding to the imbalance and instability everyday.

We have a responsibility to our host – the one we live upon.  We need to start feeding her with peaceful, harmonizing, loving vibrations or we are quite literally eventually doomed.  She will keep taking our imbalances as long as we keep projecting them, but there will come a point where she can’t handle it anymore.

If there is one thing you can do right at this minute to help, it is to send your prayers, and thoughts and intentions to places in the earth that are experiencing great unrest today.  Just check your daily news reports.  They will tell you where the greatest areas of instability are:  Japan, California, all places along the Pacific Rim for starters.

Send your intentions constantly for an easy gentle releasing of built up energy in order to minimize the damage to human life and property.  Send your loving, peaceful, appreciation to the very soil and plants and trees.  Send your love to the oceans and water of the world.  The love and caring will be felt and received.  It will be used by the earth to calm down.   You can do this.  Together we can do a lot to help.  It has often been said, if not here, where?  and if not now, when?  We have run out of options.  It’s up to the collective ‘us’  to repair the damage here and now.   Let’s do it.

Many blessings,

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