Easy Does It Every Time

Easy Does It Every Time

Easy Does It Every Time –

Every day we are bombarded with chaotic energies that are coming to us from just about everywhere and just about everyone.  It is so easy to get swept up in the turmoil without meaning to, or even being aware that it’s happening.  Suddenly we realize that we’re tense or nervous or frustrated and we didn’t really do anything except have an unconscious reaction to our environment.

At times like that we need to remember the simple techniques that will get us centered, grounded, cleared and re-focused.  The first step is to stop.  Stop running, stop trying, stop the frantic thoughts.  Just tell yourself ‘stop’.  Then plant your feet firmly on the ground and start paying attention to your breath.  Breathe as deeply and as evenly as you can, but don’t force it.  Just watch your breath and try to eventually slow your breaths.

You are now grounded and centered.  Breathe in a golden white light to clear yourself and just feel all the stress falling away, if only for this brief moment out of time. One more deep even breath while you remind yourself to go back to the present moment and start again from a calmer place.

Slogans can be very helpful if you have committed some to memory, because they will pop into your head when you need them.  One great reminder is to tell yourself ‘easy does it’.  When you get anxious and apply too much force to a situation, it usually doesn’t go well.  Easy does it, however, gets the needle threaded, the blood pressure down, and the energy around you calmed down.

Simple things.  Easy things.  These are the things that can make everyday life pleasant instead of unpleasant.  As always, I wish you well.

Many blessings,


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