Eclipse Is an Energetic Moment of Creation

Eclipse Is an Energetic Moment of Creation

Eclipse Is an Energetic Moment of Creation –

I do many things:  write a lot,  teach a lot, channel healing, and hopefully inspire people to positive action no matter what means are being used.  Instead of saying I am a writer and a teacher and a healer It actually seems easier and more appropriate to say that I am an energy worker.  Over the years I have become very good and efficient in my understanding, appreciation, and use of energy.

The other day I spent a beautiful afternoon at the beach.  The energy from the sun can be used for warmth and comfort and also to enlighten anything with truth.  When the water is peaceful and calm, those vibrations can be tuned into.  When the waves are wild there is another more exciting energy of power and change that can be gathered up.  The water always provides cleansing and renewal. Wind energy can be harnessed to release anything you don’t desire and to bring you what you do.  Wind energy can help you hear the voice of Spirit.  The sand anchors and grounds and supports, and also offers a different kind of cleansing energy.  Picture something being sandblasted.  The dirt and debris go away and the hidden beauty returns.

There was a little girl there, perhaps around 3 years old. She would stand and watch a wave come in and jump back and run away before the wave hit her.  After doing that several dozen times and seeming delighted, but a little apprehensive, she stood her ground and when the next wave came in she let it wash over her legs.  She offered the gift of perseverance, courage and ultimate joy of personal success. I was able to feel those energies and celebrate with her.

Next week we will participate in a unique energetic moment when the moon blocks out the light from the sun.  A portion of the US will be the only country to experience totality during this eclipse.  That is energetically significant.  Darkness will sweep our land astrologically as it has emotionally for many people for some time now.  The seeds we are planting now in darkness will begin to grow when the light returns.  I hope you will use this moment, and not waste it.

During that brief period of darkness next Monday envision all your most beautiful dreams, hope and desires for yourself and mankind.  Welcome trust, truth, joy, healing, light and life to start to grow once the light returns.  This is an energetic moment of creation we will never have again.  May you use it for your ultimate blessings and joy.

Namaste,  Elaine

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