embracing change

Embracing Change

A few weeks ago I wrote about Letting Go and Letting God.  If you have been able to do that in regard to any issue at all, then you witnessed a change in your attitude.  However the situation has played out, or is playing out now, is being highly influenced by your new attitude.  We will probably never know ‘what might have been’, but be assured, it would not have been as beneficial than whatever is happening to you now.  Your new attitude changes everything.  Your new, positive, and hopeful attitude opens doors and lets Divine Forces in to work magic in your life.

Today let’s expand that new positive hopeful attitude to changes that are occurring in our lives.  For each of us that will be different, but we all share one thing, and that is the weather on this planet.  I live in New York State in Northeast United States. For us summer is over and autumn is here.  Each day brings us longer periods of darkness.  Even though the sun shines on us constantly, when there is a storm or a heavy cloud covering, we inevitably feel as though the sunshine has ‘gone away’.   But just like God’s love, it is still there.  We are just being temporarily blocked from experiencing it.  This coming weekend there will be a change in Daylight Savings TIme and it will again feel like more darkness has suddenly come into our lives.  Nothing has really changed except man’s interpretation of the clock.

If you are someone who loves summer, then you may ‘hate’ winter when it comes.  That is not a word I like to use, but it is often heard used in connection with the weather.  That word and that attitude sets us up for immediate failure.  The seasons of the year come and go just like the seasons of our life.  There is a time to grow up and assume responsibility, and then there is a time to turn that responsibility over to our children.  Things come and things go. Life ebbs and flows.  It is the normal natural way of things.

Often our response is to understand that, and accept that, and therefore ‘tolerate’ change.  Today I am suggesting that you stretch yourself even farther and try embracing change.  Let go of what has been and embrace what is at the moment.  All it takes is a change of attitude.

There are those that love winter and can’t wait to get out their skates and skis.  They are not so happy when the cold gives way to warmth.  Then there are people like me, who have always looked at the end of summer and the coming of fall and winter with a slight degree of sadness and trepidation.  This year I intend to change that.

I have let go of Summer.  I have accepted that change is not only normal, but necessary.  And I am looking around for enjoyable things that only work NOW.  I intend to embrace autumn and winter as I never have before.  It’s the season to turn on the oven and cook and bake.  It’s time to pay attention to the house you live in, and give it what it needs for a safe and comfortable cold season.  It’s time to learn from the elements and declare a season of going within. Some bears hibernate and slow down during the winter months.  There may be perfect days to emulate them.  But even in hibernation and dormancy bears are giving birth and taking care of their newborns. This may be the perfect time to nurture that new idea or new attitude and help it grow.

Whatever the fall and winter bring your way, I hope you can celebrate it and use it to find your joy.  Whatever changes are going on in your life, I hope you can embrace those as well, as perfect for right now. Embracing change brings many gifts.

Many blessings, Elaine

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