What The End Of Life Is Like

What The End Of Life Is Like

What The End Of Life Is Like –

It’s probably accurate to say that anyone who is reading this has had moments of self doubt, regret, guilt, remorse, and sorrow over something said or unsaid, done or left undone. We’re human. That’s what humans do. At least humans with a conscience and an ability to feel compassion and love. If you can feel compassion and love, you have also experienced the opposite emotions of lack of love and lack of self worth at times.

The sad thing about this is not that we experience negative emotions, but that we sometimes let those emotions take over and define us. This is especially true at the moment of death if we let fear define us.

Many, many precious souls face their final hours and minutes in a state of complete peace, knowing that they did their best and that their best was fine. Their best often changed depending on circumstances. Sometimes their best was to place something in God’s hands when they couldn’t themselves come to forgiveness or acceptance. Sometimes their best was just to keep on going for one more day in spite of whatever their personal demons were. Sometimes their best was even to decide that they had had enough and didn’t want to finish out the school year. They do not face eternal damnation for that decision. They go home to love just like everybody else.

God never expected you to achieve perfection down here on Earth. You were perfect before you came, and to perfection you will return. You will return to grace and mercy and love everlasting and joy beyond measure. So what about this life review and having to face what you have done down here? Yes, that’s true too, but look at it this way. There’s nothing to fear.

Earth is boarding school. A very hard, exacting and sometimes lonely one, since we are away from Home, and away from Family. But we chose to come here because it offered some courses in something we wanted to learn and master. We have also had some great experiences we couldn’t get if we never left Home. We learned about people unlike ourselves and different customs and beliefs. We went to parties and dances and made wonderful friends.

The end of your life is like the end of the school year. You meet with your advisor and review how well you did in the classes. You review how well you did getting along with others and following the school rules. You create a plan for next year to help you do better. You also receive Certificates of Achievement in things you did really well. Then you go home for the summer and it’s great.

I hope you can look at the end of life as it truly is. It’s time to go Home and have some fun and a family reunion that will bring more joy to your heart than you can remember.

Blessed Be,

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