energy and vibrations

Energy and Vibrations

Energy and Vibrations and Layers –

Many of us were raised to believe in heaven and earth, and maybe hell.  We learned that there were three distinct places we could be.  Right now we were on earth, but we would have to get right with God and receive His forgiveness for all the bad things we were inherently going to do, in order to get to heaven when we died.  If we didn’t get right with God, then there was a pretty good chance we would end up in hell forever, and nobody wanted that.  It was really bad there.

Spiritual growth, though,  leads us to understand that our previous interpretation needs to be expanded.  We have been granted knowledge of the process of growth, the magnificence and pure love of God,  and an understanding of vibrational levels or layers.   We don’t just go from ‘here’ to ‘there’.  Spiritual growth is an ongoing, every evolving and ever expanding state of consciousness.  We will all reach that transition point, which some call death, when we cease vibrating on the earth plane and we start vibrating on a heavenly plane – but nevertheless, we will just continue the process of growth through layers.

Right now, if you are aware and honest with yourself, you will be able to see people who aren’t vibrating as high as you are.   If you watch TV you may find some of them on the Jerry Springer show.  You may drift into anger once in a while, but you know it’s not healthy.  They may be angry a lot, over many things, and completely self-righteous about it.

You may also be aware of people who are vibrating at a level higher than yours.   It may be your next door neighbor who is always so genuine, kind and loving.  This neighbor always sees the good in people and is always confident that God will take care of her.    She is sharing this planet with the angry self-righteous crowd  but they are in two different places.

When they die, they will go to two different places.  They will each be surrounded by only those souls who are vibrating at their level.  So for the folks who say we create our own heaven and our own hell, they are pretty much right. They understand their energy and vibrations.

At this point, though, after we have crossed over,  we will also be aware of higher entities that ‘come down’ to our level – or temporarily lower their vibrations – to offer us their hand to raise us up.  It will be an individual journey and we take it at our own pace and in our own time.  We will have eternity to keep expanding and growing, though, so we can do it at our own comfortable rate.

During the next three weeks I will talk about the dimensional levels available on this planet,  what the journey through the higher levels may be like, and what happens to those souls who can never manage to grow.  And they are not damned to eternal pain.  That is not what a loving God would do to his creation.

Until recently the highest layers that humanity could reach while still in body, were pretty fixed.  You could only go so far, and then you had to continue on the heavenly planes.  With this current age, though, all that has changed.  To read more, see the articles about high vibrations, low vibrations, and earth vibrations.

Blessings to all, Elaine

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