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Energy Awareness –

I have an electric stove.  This morning after making my tea I inadvertently set the empty kettle down on a burner that was turned off, but still very hot.  The kettle made loud complaining noises and I reacted by immediately moving it to a different burner.  I also immediately apologized to the kettle for causing it distress which could have resulted in the bottom becoming burned.  A silly thing?  to apologize to an inanimate object?  On the surface it sure looks that way.  What it inspired me to do was sit down and try to articulate to myself, and now to you, why I did that.

We live in a sea of energy particles that are constantly in movement.  The chair you are sitting on is merely molecules that have coalesced into specific form.  So is your body.  The energy particles in the things that appear solid to us are vibrating so slowly that they appear to the human eye to not move at all.  We see and acknowledge growth in the human body, and we accept that our cells are regenerating all the time, but we sometimes lack the understanding and appreciation of slower forms of growth.  We know we can grow crystals.  We know diamonds form over vast expanses of time.  We know that things degenerate over time in a landfill. Perhaps we haven’t just put all this information to practical use in our lives yet.

Everything is made of vibrating energy particles – some slower and some faster.   When molecules of energy are changed they affect the energy particles around them.  Nothing exists in a vacuum. Everything is energetically connected to everything else.

When I set the kettle down on a hot burner, I inadvertently distorted the peacefulness of the energy field that had been there just a moment before.  I created havoc in molecules that, left on their own, could have resulted in some damage to my teakettle, or at the very least,  the noise disturbed the peacefulness.  By apologizing I restored the balance.  If I had become angry with myself I would have fed the imbalance.  If I had ignored the whole situation and just moved the kettle I would have allowed the distorted energy to remain exactly where it was.  Later in the day I might have burned something else or felt the distorted energy and spilled something and wondered why.

Some people are very uncomfortable with the knowledge that they affect everything around them, and everything around them affects them.  They deal with it by denying the truth of it.  Some people take this information and run with it to improve their lives considerably.  They learn how to project healthy energy going out and block and transmute unhealthy energy coming in.

It’s really easy to do.  It just takes energy awareness and the desire to maintain cohesiveness in the energy that surrounds you. When people talk about staying away from negativity or surrounding themselves with positive people and experiences they are basically talking about the sea of energy they live in.  You have a great degree of control over the particular part of the sea you inhabit.  Hope that becoming energy aware helps you navigate the sea enjoyably and safely.

Many blessings,

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