Energy Cords

On June 11 during our meditation class we did a meditation on forgiveness in which we invited those people we had problems with – and were attached to by dark energetic cords – to stand in the light of God with us and receive healing.  This information later came through from AAMichael:

‘My beloved children – as you ascend to the higher realms of creation you are going to be given increasingly more tools that encompass compassion.  Energetic cords connecting mankind have beeen multiplying for eons of time and have polluted mother earth with their remains.  She is even now shaking off the dregs and remnants of man’s miscreations.  I have always endeavored to assist my precious lightworkers by cutting these cords and transmutting them back into light but you now have the power yourself to change these energy forms back into primal life force substance.  Bear in mind as well that when a cord is removed there remains an energetic imbalance in both parties.  You are dearly loved for your desire to invite those you have discordant connections with back into the Light of God for healing.  In the past you have used energy work to heal the gaps left when these cords were removed, but usually the other party was left with their wound.  Compassion is the pathway to higher consciousness and we treasure you for employing it.  Blessings to you for your continued work on behalf of humanity.’

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