Everything Has Changed

January 15, 2012 – Everything Has Changed –

There is a song I am very fond of by David Bowie.  Some of the lyrics are:   ‘nothing has changed – everything has changed ——– all my trials won’t be remembered ———–everything has changed.’

We’ve all had moments like that.  Moments when we finally gave something up, or commited to a different course of action.  Ex-smokers will know what I mean.  You had that last cigarette – you knew it was the last, and in that moment everything changed.  And yet – nothing had changed.  You still had your cravings.  You still thought about cigarettes all the time; until the day came when you didn’t.

It is 2013 – everything has changed, even though it may seem that nothing has changed.

What is required of us now is awareness.  When old patterns of fear or judgment appear we need to remind ourselves that we don’t do that anymore.  We have given that up.

You are a new creation in a new age.  The energies around you now will support your growth and your dreams to the extend that you feed them.  We’re being encouraged now from many places to ‘think outside the box’.  I would encourage you to do that today.

Blessings, Elaine



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