evolution means deep change

Evolution Means Deep Change

We know we grow.  We know we change.  We accept that we may not like all the things or the people we liked before.  We may acknowledge that an amusement park that was once fun and exciting now seems noisy and chaotic and hard on our physical beings.

We know these things.  It seems normal that as our bodies age our lifestyle changes to match it.  But what we may not know is how profoundly our souls are evolving.  We may not be aware of how deep these changes go.

I lived in a house that I absolutely loved for the last 37 years and suddenly, almost overnight, I was ready to walk away and start a completely different experience in a completely different place.  I didn’t fall out of love with what I had before.  I just had a profound internal change that wanted a new expression.

I am a healer and a teacher – and a wife and mother and friend, who is completely committed to the people in my life that I love.  That is deep in my soul and comes from my higher being.  That will go with me wherever I go and whatever I do.  But the external expression of those things is limitless.  I will always teach and heal but I am comfortable that at this particular time, I have no idea what that will look like or feel like.

I share these truths because they are your truths too.  We are evolving and evolution means deep change.   This world underwent profound changes several decades ago, several years ago, several months ago, and several weeks ago.  The changes to the living Spirit of this Planet are racing toward a higher level of being and the faster she goes, the faster she goes.  As long as we choose to keep living on her, we have to keep pace.

Many times the changes seem within our control.  We decide when and where they will happen.  Sometimes the changes seem to hit us like a hurricane.  What we once knew and felt secure in is suddenly swept away.  We can be left with a period of time in which we need to mourn what is gone, and heal from what we have gone through.  No matter how it happens, it is our higher being, our deepest soul, that is craving change, initiating change, and will not be stopped.

If you are in a time of change –  if you are uncertain about what your future holds – if you have an inner excitement that maybe there is something wonderful ahead of you –  you are right.  If you are still in the process of anticipating change, or trying to hold on tightly to what you have, you may be challenged in the days ahead to let go.  If you have already come through your changes, and are celebrating and enjoying this moment, good for you.  That is the potential for all of us.

The moment we understand and accept that the human part of us is not in control, but the God connected part of us is, we will have peace.  The moment we can face an uncertain future with excitement and trust, we will enjoy waking up in the moment to each new day. May this be your day for this to be your truth.

Many blessings,

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