Expect The Best

Expect The Best

Expect The Best

We all know by this time that our thoughts are creating our reality.  We should have enough experiences under our belt to look back and see what happens when we are positive and expecting the best, and when we are in a slump and expecting the worst.  Even those that don’t understand and work with energy will believe they can have a ‘lucky streak’.  They will also acknowledge that ‘when it rains it pours’.

Of course this is Earth.  Bad things can happen even on our best days, and miracles can find their way through when we are down in the dumps – however, it is sure easier to stay in the positive flow than to constantly fall out of it, and then have to struggle your way back in.

I know that – it is a part of me, and yet – sometimes I mess it up. I hear the current political arguments and accusations going back and forth and I start to be concerned about my country’s future.  I read all the reports that say social security is in jeopardy and I become concerned about my future.  I buy into the propaganda that the media is trying to feed the public, and I react in spite of myself.

At those times I need to take a deep breath, and say ‘wait a minute’.  My future is not dependent upon mass consciousness anymore.  And even more important is the fact that mass consciousness is always influenced by my belief system – and yours – and our friends.

So in spite of the zika virus, (which just needs us to send balance to it, by the way – not fear);  and in spite of the Supreme Court being used as a pawn by divisive people who want to keep us divided (all we need to do is say ‘no’ and stick together and intend the highest and best outcome);  and in spite of weather concerns (which often reflect human consciousness – we just need to calm down); and water concerns (the country already has everything we need to clean up our water – let’s just insist that our representatives do it); we will be fine as long as we keep the faith.

Let’s all just expect the best – after all, that’s the only guaranteed way we have to get it.

Blessed Be,

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