Experiencing Different Dimensions

Experiencing Different Dimensions

Experiencing Different Dimensions

Dimensions are really defined by the rate of spin of the energy particles that make them up.  We as 3rd dimensional human beings have maintained a steady spin rate, within certain set parameters, for quite a while.

For a long time – like millions of years – most of humanity has been ‘stuck’ in their 3 lower chakras, spinning at this 3rd dimensional rate.  Those are the root chakra which governs security and safety, the sacral chakra which makes us want to reproduce and create, and the solar plexus chakra which handles our self-worth, or lack of it, and our emotions.  Of course we loved from our heart, and followed some of our instincts from our 3rd eye, and sought God from our crown chakras, but those never dominated society as a whole.  They are starting to now.

We are becoming a heart centered, self-aware, intuitive society capable of speaking out and speaking truth, and we know there is a force greater than we are governing everything. Therefore, we are no longer 3rd dimensional beings, but have begun to ascend out of the 3rd dimensional experience, and we are incorporating the 4th and 5th dimensional experiences in our realities.  Our energy particles are spinning faster.

As energy particles spin faster and faster they hold more light and the light illuminates the darkness that was once there.  Light can be defined two ways:  as a measure of illumination (understanding) and a measure of mass with gravity.  Both are applicable here.  We are becoming lighter in both ways.  We are becoming more enlightened with wisdom and understanding, and we will start to notice, at some point in the future, that we actually are changing our biology to a less heavy dense form – from carbon based to crystal based.

Someday we will hold so much light, that we spin right out of physicality and start our existence as spiritual energy, but that is a long, long time in the future.

In the meantime, the 5th dimensional earth is going to be a joy to live in and create in.  There is also no going back.  Once a being has opened up to more light the darkness is gone forever.

There are still many beings we share this planet with that hold on to the darkness within themselves, and shut themselves off from illumination by any means possible.  They still try to wield a lot of influence.  If we can remember, however, that the mere presence of light can make the darkness disappear, we should move forward with a lot more trust in the future than we have.

We are powerful light bearers.  Let your light shine wherever and whenever possible, and together we can live in a lighter, brighter, and more wonderful world.

Many Blessings, Elaine

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