Exploring Self Love as A Positive Lifestyle

Exploring Self Love as A Positive Lifestyle

Exploring Self Love as A Positive Lifestyle –

Today is Valentine’s Day – a traditional day of sharing love with those around you.  I hope you would also honor Valentine’s Day as a day of deep appreciation for yourself.  It’s okay to love yourself, you know.  In fact it’s not only okay, but absolutely essential to your well being.  Today is a good day to explore self love as a positive lifestyle.  I hope you are your own best friend.

Now of course we differ in appearance and talents and opportunities and personalities and history, but that is not who we truly are. It is just what we physically present to the world. The soul you truly are is amazing beyond measure.

In case no one has told you lately you are magnificent.  You are wonderful.  You are worthy.   You are creative.  You are important.  You are special.  You are unique.  You are of Divine origin.  You have a gift to offer the world that no one else has. Now that doesn’t make you better than those around you.  They are special souls too.   You all have these seeds of excellence somewhere within, ready to be nurtured and brought out, if you haven’t brought them out already.

However, just because everyone else is magnificent too, in their inner being,  that in no way diminishes what you are.  In fact as we nurture one another and support one another in our magnificence, it gets to grow for all of us exponentially.

It has been said that people are not afraid they are unworthy, as much as they are afraid of their own power.  A lot of people have witnessed the abuse of power by someone in their lives and they don’t want to go there or be like that, and so they go off in the other direction instead.  Whether it’s an overblown ego and an attitude of superiority over others, or it’s feelings of worthlessness and unimportance, imbalance in either direction is still imbalance.

Today I would like to leave you with a definition of true humility, and it is not demeaning yourself or declaring yourself unworthy.   On the contrary, humility is claiming your worth and your power and living in a state of permanent awe and gratitude for who you were created to be.  It is loving yourself, and everyone else, with something so deep that words can’t even go there.

May you truly love yourself that way – and may that love bring you real joy and peace.

Many Blessings,

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