Fall Cleaning, Physically and Energetically

Fall Cleaning, Physically and Energetically

Fall Cleaning, Physically and Energetically –

It’s a fact of life that stuff piles up. Dust and dirt and debris find their way back onto every surface that you take care of with your mops and brooms and dust cloths. The clean clothes from the drawers eventually become the dirty ones scattered around. The stuff in the kitchen junk drawer seems to magically reproduce on its own. That’s life. That’s why we need to have a regular routine of getting rid of the old dirt and clutter, and starting fresh again. Some people do this on a routine basis. Some people like to really get into it and go at it with a vengeance in the Spring or Fall. Ideally, it’s best to do both.

It’s also best to always remember that everything you possess and are responsible for carries an energetic signature. Everything you own requires a piece of your energy to deal with it. It’s been said that if you don’t love it or it doesn’t serve you, you’d do well to get rid of it. Whenever you get rid of something old you are making room for something new.
If you didn’t read last week’s message on Disengaging from the Drama of Life, I would recommend you go back and review it. It talks about allowing others to get us to carry their energetic garbage by engaging us in arguments and conflict. We need to deliberately clean our energetic houses and get rid of all unwanted energy there on a routine basis too. If the anger or frustration or fear has built up slowly over time, without your conscious awareness, then it’s time for a major Fall house cleaning of your internal personal space.

One thing you may not realize is that some things in your life carry both the physical and the energetic or emotional. Those old mementos that bring you more sadness than joy need to go. That sweater that’s too good to throw out, but always reminds you of an unpleasant experience, is bringing you down by being in your closet. That lovely jewelry box that was a gift from an emotional vampire may carry energetic toxins without your realization and understanding.

In my search for truth I have come across a lot of people who didn’t want the truth uncovered. They often appeared in the guise of friends who gave me gifts. Even after I had discovered their true natures, and distanced myself from their presence, I became aware that I also needed to get rid of physical things that still carried their energy. Those things were polluting my home and my life even though they may have appeared beautiful in their physical form.

Physical growth and soul growth both take awareness and care. Is it time for some Fall cleaning, both physically and energetically? The beautiful thing is, from a time standpoint, you can accomplish both at once. You can throw out the anger with the object that energetically resonates to it. You can symbolically scrub away mental debris while you go at the oven with all your might. Fall cleaning, both physically and energetically, both within and without can leave you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment, peace, and inner strength. May that and more be yours.

Many Blessings,

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