Father’s Day and Forgiveness

Father’s Day and Forgiveness

We just celebrated Father’s Day last Sunday.  All of us had a father.  He may have been a wonderful supportive role model.  I hope that was your experience.  Many people, though, had fathers that were not supportive and loving – father’s are, after all, human.  Some fathers were just absent and in certain cases they were even abusive.  Can you forgive the ones who hurt you, or weren’t there for you?   That doesn’t mean you forget, whether it was your father or anyone else in your life who hurt you.  Your memories will always be yours to keep.  Does that memory bring pain, though?  That can be changed.  The emotional charge that the person or event triggers in you can be released.

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.  When someone has hurt you, you can carry the pain long past the moment.  Even when they are gone you can still be suffering if you carry the heavy burden of hatred, or anger, or sadness.  You deserve to be free of those feelings.  Forgiveness frees you.  In forgiveness you give the person over to God for Divine Justice and you cut the cords that had you tied to to the person or the painful event.  That never for one moment minimizes what was done, or implies that what was done doesn’t matter.  It matters.  You have just removed yourself from the process that will take place between the perpetrator and God.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to forgive everybody for everything, and just be free to live your life?  You can decide to do that by giving all those situations and all those people and all those feelings over to God.  May you find the peace that forgiveness brings.

Many blessings,

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