fear mongers

Fear Mongers

Fear?  Really? –

We are on the fast track to a new consciousness in this world.  Time is speeding up.  Things are falling apart.  It’s all good.  Old things need to fall apart so that the new stuff can be born.  All births contain some pain, some insecurity, a lot of unknown, and a whole lot of excitement, anticipation and joy.  The only thing that can spoil the birthing of the new for you is your fear of it.  Perhaps you already understand this really well, but you are surrounded by a lot of other folks who are still apprehensive.

They may believe the fear mongers and their dire predictions of global warming and financial disasters and terrorist threats.  They may be fascinated by TV shows that show aliens coming to take over and destroy us.  If you ever get a chance to reassure somebody who is in fear, please do so.  Your understanding of normal earth changes and your knowledge of benevolent celestial beings can make you the calm in the middle of the storm. What most people fear is the unknown.  Even though we don’t know exactly what it will look like, we know the future is going to be wonderful.

Your assurance and your certainty can do a lot to help the people that are going into fear.  The only thing that fear does is fill our environment with negativity.  That is like putting the brakes on our forward movement, or trying to delay the birth process.  The future cannot be stopped, but it can be delayed.

I don’t know about you, but it can’t get here soon enough for me.  Peace instead of war – sharing instead of greed – cooperation instead of competition – bring it on.  All the health cures and free energy sources that have been kept from us – let’s have them now.  Finding out that we have parent races cheering us on and sending their love – how beautiful it that.

There is nothing to fear and everything to discover and experience.   Let’s all help transmute the fear, avoid the fear mongers, and get on with the good stuff.

Namaste, Elaine

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