Fearing Your Power Because of Your Past

Fearing Your Power Because of Your Past

Some people are here on earth for the first time.  Mostly it’s the very young who finally saw an opportunity to incarnate into a world that had a chance of success, with their help.

Most of us have been here before.  Many of us have been here a lot of times in the past.  We call ourselves old souls.  We seem to instinctively know stuff.  We learned some of the stuff we know on past trips to Earth.  Some of those lives have been beneficial and some have not.  The mess the world is in was caused by souls who were here before.  Those souls have had to come back again to clean up what they left behind.

Sometimes they wake up and do what they came to do, clean up. Sometimes they don’t wake up and repeat the same bad behavior over and over again.

It really doesn’t matter what you did in the past.  You may have always been trying to help the world heal, or you may have made some mistakes and left behind a pile of trash the last time you were here.  What matters is what you do now.  And what really matters is coming to this understanding – that you are powerful.

If you don’t feel your power in this life, it may be you just haven’t been triggered to remember yet – or – it may be that you are fearing your power because of your past.  Subconsciously or unconsciously or somewhere in your DNA  may be the memory of past power and past misuse of power – yours or someone else’s.

At some point, some of us put blocks on our spiritual awakening until our humanity caught up with our technology.  Are you there?  If you are capable of inflicting harm, can you be trusted not to?  If you are capable of wreaking havoc, do you have enough self control to stay peaceful?  You probably still get angry.  There are a lot of things in this world to get angry about.  Does your anger take over or does your common sense take over?

If you are mostly peaceful, thoughtful, forgiving, kind, loving and generous, please don’t fear your power.  It’s time to claim it.  The world needs you like never before.

Many blessings, Elaine

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