Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul

Our society has been great about telling us what to eat, and when to eat and why to eat. Nutrition is very important for a healthy body. We all know it. We shop and cook and think about it and talk about and do it every day, always without fail. We socialize over food, and entertain ourselves with food. It’s important to us, and we give it a lot of time and attention.

So how about your Spirit? Your body is only the container, you know? Do you feed your Spirit on a regular basis? Do you make time for morning, noon and nighttime snacks of inspiration and healing and love?

Are you as heathy and happy and affluent and influential as you want to be? Maybe you aren’t consuming enough good energy often enough during the day.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is this: “A half hour’s meditation is essential unless I am very busy, and then a full hour is required”. If I’m putting out more energy, I need to take in more energy.

I can’t always find an hour all at one time, but I do have regular nutritious ‘meals’. My favorite way to start the day is to sit with a cup of tea and look at the sky or my favorite tree or the rabbits in my yard and just feel. Feel the love coming from Spirit, feel the healing energies flowing into me, feel the beauty and the potential of my life, when I live connected to the Divine.

There may be people and segments of our society who applaud you for working without end and stressing yourself beyond normal limits, but those people are wrong. They are contributing to an out of balance and dysfunctional society. You need energy breaks more than you need energy bars.

I know a man who has a huge yard, but says he loves to cut the grass because that is his meditation time. It feeds his soul. There are other people who put in the time but are focused on the weeds and the pains in their legs and the lack of rain. It’s not that we don’t have the time to meditate. People don’t make the time. They don’t take the time. They never learned the value.

If you are very busy, you need to stop and refuel your Spirit before you get sick. If you are sick, you aren’t taking in enough healing energy. If you are stressed, you are hungry.

If any kind of food you ever wanted was free and easy to go get, people would be gathering it and talking about it from morning to night. Spiritual energy is already free and easy to get. Unlimited supplies are yours for the taking. So, you still don’t want to make the effort to feel your soul? Why?


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