feeling distant from god

Feeling Distant From God

We have Freedom of Choice.

There was a time in our distant past when we knew who we were:  physical emanations of our Divine Creator, sent to explore and create on the physical plane of existence. Since the Creator was pure love, we were also pure love when we first ventured out.  As we traveled farther and farther away from our Source, though, we willingly released our hold on the vibration of love to explore its opposite. We became curious and in our search to seek the unknown, we forgot who we were and we became trapped in our less than loving creations.

God knew that our forgetfulness was the source of all our problems and so in our recent past (several thousand years) we have been given maximum help to remember.  Jesus came as a great and loving gift to humanity to help us remember who we are.  His physical frequency or vibration was absolute pure love at all times.  Where our vibrational bodies pulse in and out of the frequency of pure love, His was constant and unwavering.  That’s why people could come into His presence and experience miraculous healing of their bodies.  They believed in Him.  That allowed their frequency to match his, and once they did, everything was restored to it’s original state of perfection.

We are now being gifted with other natural triggers:  vibrational patterns from deep space are impacting our world and shaking our memory centers.

Do you choose to remember and to do everything in your power to aid your memory by engaging in prayer and meditation and association with all things loving?  Do you choose to accept your innate power of creation as demonstrated by the life you are living?

Some people choose to live in a state of amnesia.  They choose to believe they are helpless victims of fate.  They choose to act out, and sometimes lash out to make themselves feel more powerful.  They choose to believe that having power over others makes them important.  They choose to believe that having property makes them prosperous.   They choose to believe that by putting other people down they are raising themselves up. They are feeling distant from God.

The following comes from Maureen Moss:

‘With only 18 months left of this cycle, once and for all time, for the love of ourselves, our children, our ancestors and this beloved Planet, we must pull the plug on our former notions of ourselves, our materialism that we believe gives us our security and even happiness, and put our focus on where it needs to be, right now, on our proper identity and our responsibility to it.

Though spoken repeatedly, in all sincerity, we have no more time to toy around with ourselves. We must grab hold of our proper identity, (know thyself) clearly understand ALL of its aspects, and begin living in deep and abiding humility, rapport and joy with it. That’s the deal.’  

http://www.worldpuja.org    –   http://www..maureenmoss.com

In the Garden of Eden our innate feminine (intuitive, heart based) nature made a choice to explore all polarities (selecting fruit from the tree of good and evil).

We now have the option to say ‘I’ve explored all I need to  – I choose now to remember my essence and my journey and come back home to God.’

May you choose well.

Blessings, Elaine

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