Financial Spirituality

There was a time when being spiritual meant you turned your back on things of the earth.  Monks retreated to their mountains and never concerned themselves with paying their bills.

Those times are over.  You are an evolved spirit.  As time goes by our relationship with God matures and we must accept responsibility for the society we create.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of our time is deciding what is, and what is not our business.  Where do we get proactive and where do we turn our lives over to the care of God?  We must learn that we cannot abdicate responsibility for a system that we, with our free will, created or allowed to be created.   We cannot sit back and pray, and expect God to fix this mess when we have added, sometimes by our fear, or apathy or anger to the problems that exist.

It is time for our systems to move forward on an evolutionary path just as we are.  A huge area of future responsibility for each person individually will be in the financial area.  We have for all intents, not claimed our power and have given it over to a banking and economic system that we feel disconnected from and in essence, at the mercy of.  The system runs us.  We don’t run the current system. That is not the way it is supposed to be, and in the future that is not the way it will be.

As we evolve we must come to understand that the power lies with the collective heart.  We have to take our power back and we have to claim our ability to do this.

Our systems have gotten so big and out of control that they have been on the verge of collapse many times. We are facing that again – there is a giant shift coming and we have a choice.  We can feel helpless about it and go into fear.  Or we can claim our collective power and decide that things must change for the better.

We need a new economic reality that reflects our new desires.  No one wants to be trapped in the never ending cycle of rising interest rates, employment that doesn’t support you emotionally and financially, and systems that have grown too large to be effective. They literally exist to merely keep supporting themselves.

If you have not heard of the 100th monkey theory, this is a proven fact.  There was a time many decades ago when a few monkeys in one part of the world started washing their food in the rivers and streams before they ate it.  Within a very short time, all monkeys in the world were washing their food.  Energetically when an idea is implanted in the human consciousness stream, everyone becomes aware of it sooner or later when a critical mass is reached.

If you have a good idea for solving some of our financial problems in this country, please seriously think about it.  Your thoughts go out as waves.  Recently I heard one of the new candidates for president propose taxing all Wall Street trades.  That tax alone would solve a host of problems.  Our country has been recklessly printing money that has no actual value – we left the gold standard behind a long time ago – and they have been borrowing from one system to keep another system going for far too long.  When corporations do that and are finally caught, they are arrested and charged.with crimes.

Whenever the public is told about financial problems in the government, the first thing our politicians threaten to do is to cut back on social security – which by the way, is not an entitlement, but YOUR money that you have been entrusting them with all of your working life – and fire and police and things we really need. Elections are backed and bought by the people with the money.  Many people live with the false sense of security that those in charge have our best interests at heart.  That has proven to be incorrect in more ways than we can count.  For many people, this has resulted in a feeling of helplessness and so they just never want to think about it, but we must.  We must care and we must educate ourselves with the truth.

The powers that be never talk about taking away the lifetime entitlements that members of congress and the house of representatives get forever, working or not.  These things have to stop.  The powerful major corporations in this country and powerful people behind the scenes are running this country and indeed, this planet  – not the majority of the people that live on the earth.. This is criminal and it will only stop when enough of us think about it,  talk about it, care about it,  get solutions implanted in the mass consciousness, and form a plan of action to take back and restore our democracy.

Today please, just think.  Think about constructive ways to improve this country – and talk about your thoughts to your friends and neighbors.  We have the power and it is in our numbers and in our growing understanding of the collective mind and heart.    We are the majority and it is time for us to be heard.  Please think about it.

Blessings, Elaine

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