First Things First

September 3, 2013 – First Things First –

In trying to decide what to share with you this week, I could not overlook the fact that our world is once again facing major questions regarding the advisability, responsibility and/or irresponsibility in bombing another country – in this case Syria – in an attempt to stop a war.

The war that is going on over there is terrible.  Innocent people are being killed.  But I remind you of the definition of insanity:  repeating the same behavior over and over, always hoping for a different result.  Violence has never ended violence.  It has only halted it temporarily, and redirected the anger and hatred into other directions.

I don’t have the answer to bringing peace to earth, other than that it rests with each and every one of us to start with ourselves.  Today I want to share a few words that come from higher places – in this instance a soul named Matthew.

Here are Matthew’s words: ” Because energy moves in the direction it is “fed,” it is counterproductive to expend energy analyzing Syria’s situation day by day or speculating on what was done to whom by this group or that. What will far better serve the Syrian people and your world is the energy of prayers for the healing of sorrowing souls, for peace to come through negotiations, and for reconciliation of the disparate groups that have played their part.”

—-  I agree wholeheartedly in that.  Let’s ask God to help us find the peace and love within ourselves, and let’s ask the angels to magnify those thoughts and feelings throughout the world.

Blessings, Elaine

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