Fluctuating Energies

Fluctuating Energies

Fluctuating Energies –

Do you resent having to get dressed over and over again, every single day?  Do you object to getting hungry a few hours after your previous meal?  Of course not.  That’s life.  It’s what we do.  We understand the repetitive nature of our lives.

And yet, when it comes to spiritual practice, people often don’t realize it needs to be repeated again and again to make a difference.   It happens to all of us.  We can feel hungry and cold and don’t mind doing something it.   We can feel ourselves slipping into anxiety or stress, and yet may not realize we could be doing something about that too.

Perhaps you don’t automatically think about it because you were never taught the basic principles of energy.  Most people didn’t have that as part of their growing up experience.  Energy is always around you and flowing through you.  This energy is always fluctuating, just like the temperature.  Sometimes, particularly if you are alone, or with a group of really like minded people, you can experience stable energy patterns for a while.  Most of the time you go out into the world and interact and get bombarded with energy bands vibrating differently and often discordantly.

If you don’t have a secure plan in place to rebalance and readjust yourself over and over again, all day long, you can get irritated, upset, tired, stressed, anxious, worried, mad or sad and then get stuck there.

There is a simple solution – but it is not easy.   Holding a vibration that you want should be the most natural thing in the world, but you were probably never taught how.  Most of us have a lifetime of practice at not understanding what’s happening to us at all.  It’s up to each one of us to search for techniques to keep ourselves centered.   It’s our job to get to know ourselves and the best way to bring ourselves back into balance.  We are the only ones who can release stuff we do not want to carry.

Here are several techniques you may want to start with, but please search for what works for you:

When you get dressed in the morning, also put on the gold white light of God.  Just intend it to surround you and it will.
Send out the intention to stay in your own energy when you move out into the world.  (As long as you are in a good place to start with).
Intend to be open to only beautiful, loving and kind vibrations coming your way.
If you feel something negative directed at you, say ‘return to sender’ –  or block it and transmute it with the violet flame of transmutation.
Clear yourself periodically by imagining you are standing under a shower of God’s golden white love.
If you feel lacking in anything – clarity or peace or joy or forgiveness – picture it as a present that you are offering to someone else, and try to remember what it feels like.
If you feel scattered and unfocused, try to ground yourself by staying in the present moment.  Look at your feet and hands, breathe deeply, and say ‘I am here, now, and I can do this’.

Many blessings,

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