Free At Last

July 3, 2012 – Free At Last –

For our entire lives we have had the freedom to choose to be Democrats or Republicans.  Did you know that it never really mattered?   The same group of powerful people with self-serving agendas and lots of money were running the show.  They got the policies and bills and executive orders they wanted no matter who won.

For decades we have had the freedom to choose our bank, and our credit card and our payment plans.  Did you know that it never really made a difference?  The same group of people got our money in the end.

It seems like forever that we have had the freedom to either support the war, or protest the war.  It doesn’t matter which war.  There was always one going on somewhere.  That was on purpose.  Some people get powerful and rich whenever there is a war.  It’s really that simple.

Everyday we have the freedom to eat what we want.  Or do we?  You may want the bowl of rice crispies but you don’t have the power to decide how that rice was grown, and what pesticides and additives you are getting along with the snap, crackle and pop.  The people who benefit from making you sick have the power to grow it and mess with it.

Freedom has been an illusion – until now – until today.  We as a nation have always prayed for deliverance from oppression, never realizing that the oppression came from within.

Tomorrow is Independence Day – God has heard our prayers.  We are finally being set free.  Many people in government, banking, and industry have recently stepped down, been placed under arrest or been contained through other means.  We are now in a position to make our own decisions and chart the course of our own lives.

This information may still take a little time to show up on the nightly news, but probably not that long.  That is because the people who controlled the media are being replaced as well.

From this point on, everything about your individual future is being decided by what you do next.   What will be your reaction to the news that things are different  – really, really different.  Is your belief system open to change?   Are you locked into a particular mindset, or willing to try something brand new?

The changeover to the new is going to be a lot more gentle that originally planned.  We will consistently see, from now on, our banks, governments and institutions change their policies and procedures.  Are you ready to see everyone get food and health care, everyone receive financial help, and everyone be offered what they need?  This is not only the people you feel are worthy – but EVERYONE.  There has always been enough for all.

We have been given a once in a many-lifetime chance to start over.  If you aren’t willing to start over with a spirit that is loving, kind, helpful, considerate, generous, forgiving, trustworthy, open, benevolent or honest, then please stay home and let the rest of us come together in a spirit of unity.

I’m sure we don’t all agree at this point on what should come next, but we must be willing to talk to each other without judgement, condemnation or ego.  It’s time to finally create the democracy that we thought we were living under for the past many centuries.

We have prayed to God for deliverance – and God has answered.  We get to begin again.  This time let’s do it right.

Blessings, Elaine

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